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15. Nov. 2016

Next month is the ugly christmas sweater month, this onth is the fugly sweater month.
Eye cancer November, if you will.

The perfect birthday gift for any relative who always wanted to kill himself, but didn’t know it, now they have a reason.

Crappy Birthday!

T minus 22

soap?“Winter Edition Dish Detergent ‘Cookie magic'”

If you ever wondered “How could I have MORE apetite during the season of cookies, cookies, COOKIES, COOOOOOOKIIIIEEEESSSS …” [insert Arnold Pun here], easy: wash your dishes with this detergent!
Smells 100% like chimically induced cookie madness [see above], in a stylsh bottle that reminds you of all the uncomfortable sweaters you ever got (or will get). Ideal for poisoning the cookies, since it smells like fracking cookies!