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Thanks… For nothing.

Firstly, “1 birthday wishes” EXCLAMATION MARK.

Thank you. For nothing. (I am a garbage programmer, but even I could write code that would check for singular case)

Secondly, what will 2018 bring?
0 wishes exclamation mark?
A lottery win? A house?
My Hogwarts letter or an elderly wizard asking me if I want to go on a journey perhaps?
Who knows?
Certainly not you, Fecesbook, certainly not you.

Thirdly, three days. Really? Got this on the 28th, applying simple math…damn you’re right!
Better get my shit together then and hurry.
Can we squeeze in another 21st of August in those three days and cash in more birthday wishes?

I wanted

to write Rings of Fate by now. Still I’m struggling with the end chapter(s) to Whose World. O.o

While I’m writing a post titled “I wanted”, let me just say, that I wanted to thank all of you my dear readers. Thank you for every single one of your “Likes”. But even if you never liked anything per click, thank you for reading my stuff.

Although I get happy as a child on Christmas everytime one of you likes a post of mine (no matter if it is here or on one of the plattforms I publicize to), it gives me great satisfaction to see your visits. To see that someone is actually reading my posts. Stories, and (comedic)blurps alike. So…

Thank you!

Anyway, my attention is diverted between Family life (wich is wonderfull, but stressing, ask my poor wife), work and writing, and also observing the world with a critical eye and posting that stuff here. 😉

Have a nice time my dear readers.