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Jesus Creepy McCreep Christ!


I have been made aware of this things existence.

The uncanny valley called, they want their disembodied finger back.

Obvious first impressions aside, the article becomes even creepier:

You can hold your phone by a disembodied finger formed like a handle.

A phone tapping for your attention with a disembodied finger.

A phone moving along by use of a disembodied finger.

The scenes on Eros described in the book “Leviathan Wakes”, as the Protomolecule took over, when hands and ribcages moved around, come to mind.

Someone read that, a scene describing utter horror and alienness, and thought to themselves “I can build that, for your phone!”

Dear gods send a great flood of burning acid, cleanse this shit off the face of the Earth!

Take care,


Mea culpa

I forgot to post yesterday!

Neither did the world end, nor did anyone of y’all complain.

Indulge in a nice picture

Why this one? Because the tv show the expanse is threatened with cancellation.

If you can, tune in LIVE on Wednesdays on SyFy to watch it, if you DVR it watch it within 3 days (so the view counts). The more people watch the better the numbers, either SyFy won’t cancel, or another station is picking it up.

Help where you can.