Let me introduce you to my dilemma:

At the office we have a restroom for men and one for women. So far, so good.
As a male, you enter the restroom and find yourself in the room with the sink, through a not lockable door you get to the urinal, next to which the lockable stall is located. So far, so sill good.

Now, I could tolerate cum in the normal toilet. I’d be grosed out, and probably set my disinfectant on fire on top of normally just spraying, but I could tolerate it.
I even could understand to a certain degree.

But Jizz in the urinal??? With two doors in your back THAT CAN’T BE LOCKED??
Everytime footsteps draw near my heart would stop and my erection would wither away in the position of that guy. But repeatedly I now saw cum in the urinal!
What kind of speed-jerk-off is that guy?
Jesus Banana waxing Christ!

All the thrill-seeking-jack-off action aside, I’m still hung up on the speed that dude has to have! What is he? An android?
“Ratatatatatatata done!”?? O.o
Is he on steroids? Speed?

Despite that – YUCK! Use some toilet paper, and do it in the stall, you filthy animal.
I hope the speedwanker washes his hands afterwards. *shudder*

Take care, use disinfectant, and watch out people, (us) men are disgusting…