Vaccuming, crapping, nail clipping...“Do IT with passion” any more emphasis on the word “it” and Tim Curry should be worried.

But what exactly should we do with passion, as instructed by this panel? Vaccuming? Crapping? Toenail clipping?

WHAT?! Tell me!

The answer is … “it”.

Goes nicely if you have take out from MacDonald’s with you. “I’m lovin’ it” is a similar stupid slogan. But at least it isn’t one printed on a panel that people put into their homes. Fopr Frak’s sake, people who get this for their home either are a bit lame in life that they have to be reminded by a panel to show some passion in life, or they have friends (and family?) who think they are as cold as a fish, and thus need this nice little reminder.

Give IT with passion, to someone you truly want to offend.