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Death Metal Album Cover

Accidentally made a Finnish Metal Album Cover while taking a walk today. I’ll call it “Songs from the (torn out) heart” by the “Urban Saltminer“.

It’ll be about love.
And ice.
And salt.
While on fire.
Alone in the woods.
With and between skinned alive animals.
And entrails.
With bunnies… of death.

You know… one I haveb learned to pay a single instrument necessary for a METAL album…

Take care,

Crappy Birthday in March!

wolfieThis is “The Wolfman Extension Animal Canine Dildo Flesh”.

For all you furries, and those who ever fantasized how it’d be to be fraked by a wolf, or the hopless Twilight nutcases, I present you with this treasure from the undepths of the internet.

Yes, this is an EXTENSION, not a stand-alone dildo.
It’s for two.

There are cases of fetishes I can’t understand thematically, but I can understand that there is more than one person with that particular fetish. Grown men crawl the floor in diapers to the orders of a domina.
But there are limits to my tolerance. To my “understanding”. To find TWO people willing to use this, is beyond me.

Alternatively there is this one here. Wish that pony obsessed bitch you knew since you were twleve was dead, impaled by the member of one of the animals she adores so much? Good. Here ya’ go!

Crappy Birthday, to you, or your “friends”/enemies/relatives!