I want a really good Alien invasion movie. One in which we (the humans) have to overcome our differences and figure out a way to repell the aliens, to fight them or something.

Not like we have had in recent years:

Independence Day – Binary, terrestial computer with limited wireless technology can all of a sudden transmit a deadly virus to an unknown, super sophisticated alien computer…NO!
No this shit doesn’t happen, if you want virtual warfare, just ask your secret agencies, it requires dozens of hackers and hours of work, and thousands of computers.
Not one laptop and one schmuck!
Frack this shit.

War of the Worlds – Both the original and the remake with Mighty Mouse, the Aliens come here, after depositing their pods in the ground thousands of years ago (magically knowing where we’d settle our biggest cities; Fuck continental drift, and other desaster striking and burying the pods under hundreds of meters of ocean or rubble…), they return, “beam” down and start attacking.  Without analysing the atmosphere for any pathagens first, so they die horribly at the hands of some bacteria…WHAT??? Shit like this happens to a small strike force, to a group of five specialists that scout the land. A landing party if you will. But not an invasion army!!
Not even if we humans were the aliens invading another world. NO! This is stupid.

Signs – Although the planet consists only of 0.02% of water, the surface of it is coverd to 67% by this shit that KILLS THEM INSTANTLY! They are killed by fucking water! If I came to a planet and two thirds are covered with sulfiric acid, I turn and leave. No fucking around with the natives, no invasions, no nothing. Just going “Whoopsie!” turning around and leaving.

So please Hollywood, please dear fellow writers – give me something  original to enjoy. But not stupid shit like this.

Please, spare me with V. I know the plot, I saw the original series. Ugh…