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That was the vacation back in mid August. 

Behind my little plastic avatar lies lake Ossiach. It was cold, but it wasn’t if you actually rushed/jumped in. 

Basically the same view without foreground obstructions at night.

At day.

Mists rising from the lake as the sun rose. 

Hye spodermin! /Lamejoke. Intricate spider web.

Visiting Castle Hochosterwitz. 

Whistling the Game of Thrones theme…


The view! 

The view!

Either the boredom got to me, or the sun, or 

the wine. I told you that this is a wine country 😉 

(And my cellphone can is broken btw.)

hope you liked this as much as I had enjoyed it. 

Take care, A.



Sorry to bore you guys and gals with my vacation stuff, but it is inevitable. Even weirdos like me go on vacation with the wife and kid. 

There’ll be hiking.

There’ll be waters. 

In case the weather decides to present us with an english summer,

I come prepared!
I don’t know if I’ll be able to supply you with new and exciting material while away. So I had prepared this little assembly of adventure for you.

Take care, A.

Vacational post

Okay folks, the moment you all have hoped for has finally arrived. 

I’m on vacation. 

No (pseudo) witty commentary, no hostility, no (pseudo) intellectual rattling on about nonsense that isn’t an issue anywhere in the universe, but here.

Today, you’re free!

But I’ll be back. In the meantime, enjoy a few snapshots of Oberlaa, a nice public park here.

In a gadda da vida. 🙂

(And yes, it was constructed in the sixties.)

Take care,

Irregular post! 22 July 2015

I haven’t done one of these in some time.

Or at least it feels like that.

As you know, I have been on vacation.

Beautiful Styria!
Ancient, long dead volcanoes, wine country, and hellish heat!
In the middle of the heat wave, we were out there. One would think forests, hills and mountains would provide for fresh and cool air – NOPE!
It was suffocating.
For a few days our son had a fever and diarrhea, making the trips shorter and fewer.

In the times between touristy trips I had hoped to get a bit of “work” done. You know – children stories, comedic bits, Christmas calendar pieces, editorial on RoF, reading…
Again, NOPE!
Once the little one was sound asleep – I was as well.

Well, a week after we had come back from Styria, real tragedy struck: Our beloved dog had to be put down. 😥
Hurts really deep.


Good night cutie.

Currently writing on episode 67, of (currently) planned 70. I write an episode a week.
Do the math.
Once I am done writing, editorial starts. In January I intend to start posting Rings of Fate, so Editorial needs to be swift…and thorough.

Hope to find the time to compile a review post of some(or one) of our trips.
Take care,

Vacation 2

In case the internet connectivity issue still hasn’t been resolved, here’s a picture of our willow and lantern.

Relaxing. I know.

Riegersburg (vacation intermission II)

Here’s the challenge: Not using the elevator, or bringing Dragons into the mix (looking at you, Targaryans), take that castle with all medieval possibilities you can think of. 😉

Really? We REALLY need an App for that?
Moat pigs! But, do you really need a moat up here? You built your castle ON TOP OF A (dead) VOLCO!
A second moat? A SECOND MOAT?

There is a watering hole for horses (Ross-Schwemme) behind me. In some spots, you can clearly see the volcanic origin of the mountain.
Terroir Burg. I got myself a Cuvee with wine from that terroir, sadly there’s no pure wine. But volcanic soil, in that position – perfect!
Enter. If you dare.
One last glance down.
What have we got here?
A well! Beautiful!
In the lower right corner you can see the castle blacksmith, doing what a blacksmith does : Teaching tourists how to make knives, selling other tourists other knives and forged trinkets. 🙂
Somewhere in this picture one can find my family. First one to spot them get’s a coupon for “A gentle nod from me in your general direction at a public gathering”. Happy Searching. 😉

Vacation intermission

No, this os not the Mediterranean, but Styria (that’s in Austria).

Just as I had foreseen, no network connection where we are staying.

That means that the prepared posts have gone, and will go up. Until I am back in touch with you, here a few more pictures to entertain you folks:

Calm your ovaries, girls. 😉

Pirates of the Styrian XD

Yeah, that’s a thing. A nice thing. 😉

Shoot out at the Styrian graveyard. idk, it just looks like a scene from a western.
Unphil nepht time, yourph phruly, Phteven.