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All this, and we are WHERE?

In my pocket I carry with me a device that combines devices that twenty ayears ago would’Ve required me to carry a large suitcase with me. Or a ladderwagon.

A video camera, a photo camera, a computer, a music player, a small TV, a gaming console, a voice recorder, a telefone and I can send text and multimedia messages to other people too!!

And we are still depending on OIL? With the same basic engine design from more than a hundred years ago? REALLY?? We have Star Trek Technology (partially) and we still rely on that sort of technology? What are we retarded?

We put a man on the moon for cryin’ out loud! Which brings me to another issue…

Humanity had a chance to change it’s ways back in 69. Not because of the drugfest at woodstock.
The moonlanding you fraktards!

As soon as the first image of earth from the moon appeared, so small, so tiny and fragile – mankind should’ve sat down and said “You know what? All our differences, skin colors, ethnicities, cultures and religions – Frak it! We are ONE people.”
They failed.
There was another chance. When Voyager (one or two, I don’t remember) beamed back the image of earth only “a spec of dust suspended in a sunbeam” (to quote Carl Sagan), mankind should’Ve sat on their asses and realize – what ever our difficulties, frack that shit! We are insignificant critters on an insignificant planet in an insignificant solarsystem, in an insignificant galaxy. Our problems with one another don’t mean shit!

What happened?? We still have racism! White cops shoot black unarmed teens, SEVERAL TIMES. More racism arises in the aftermath! WHAT???
Cavemen didn’t behave so stupidly!
If at least the people would fight over meaningful stuff – food, water, land – but because of race? Because they think someone elses fairygodfather has a bigger dick? BEcause of fracking OIL???

Okay, here’s my challenge – BEHAVE LIKE ADULTS!

Just because someone is of another “race”, ethnicity, sexuality, religion – is not reason to hate someone. Is not reason to kill someone. Y’all are behaving like little kids who want someone elses sandcastle instead of building your own.

And if you’re participating in the ALS IceBucket challenge – GIVE SOME FUCKING MONEY! Donate! And send the bucket of ice water to thirsty kids in Africa, you numbnuts!
Seriously, you’re all behaving like little kids, retarted little kids. (no offense to actually mentally handicapped people!)

Here’s my challenge, accept it, or leave my planet.


Originally I wantednto write about TTIP and how much I hate the entire idea, and concept. But I have to admit that my knowledge of the entire deal is limited (as everyone else’s) and I could only rant around.

Instead I want to tell you about a pet peeve I have: SUITS

Yeah suits. It’s a pet peeve bordering on major psychotic hatred. Maybe because I’m biased by all the crap that has been raining down from wall street and its copies worldwide, but I hate people in suits. I see some schmuck in a suit, and I immediately assume he’s a liar, a thief, a crook who’d sell his grandmanfor the right prize (or businesses deal), a dishonest man who should not be allowed to breed (if he has the time, if his wife has the time, if the kids are even his).
I looked in the mirror at my wedding day and I had to work hard not to see a crook, a thief, a dishonest man. Same thing with all the men who attended the wedding.  I know them! Each and every one! I fracking know that they are honest people, nice, hardworking. 

It’s the god damn suit! It is tailored for empty people with empty lives, money is their only worth, and their only measurement of things, and people, and time.
Empty, meaningless exisences, who steal, lie, trick and maybe even kill to get some extra cash.

And it is such meaningless existences who are the cause for the problems in last week’s post, and who are the problem in TTIP.
Feed them chlorine washed chicken, raised on GMO corn, given to drink only that water oozing out of the ground near fracking sites, give them the minimum wage and let them try to live on an island deprived of any bees (and subspecies of bees).
Let’s see how long the empty suits can survive under these conditions…

What the actual “Frack”

Okay people, so I have a problem.

A huge one.

Although it doesn’t really concern me personally, it is still a problem that I do have:


They pump shit into the ground to crack rocklayers and extract oil/gas. Chemicals that are poisonous, chemicals that cause long term damage. Chemcials that ARE seeping into the groundwater table and poison the water supply of thousands not to say millions.

YET, at the same time people are forbidden to collect rain water.
Water that falls from the heavens onto their houses, and they can’t collect it.
Why? Because, and here comes the BS, that water is supposed to supply the groundwater table. (Note, in most areas the rainwater is channeled into the sewers, from where it goes into a nearby river from where it’ll go into a water treatment plant, from where it goes on. Perhaps the step of “river” is skipped. So the sequence is then: Rain drain – sewer – treatment plant – river/sea)
So collecting rainwater that fell onto YOUR OWN HOUSE, on YOUR OWN PROPERTY, is ILLEGAL! While poisoning the water supply of thousands or even millions is perfectly LEGAL.

Here’s my idea of changing this. We force the people (CEOs, bribed, bought, lobbied politicians) to drink the water from the area the fracking is conducted in. (Together with Monsanto and other GMO people who are forced to eat their own GMO crap, together with their children)
We pull this off for about a year, if not a single one of them shows any ill effects we can call it safe for consumption. But since they’ll probably have any ill effects – good night.

You know that Bullshit is about to fly if they forbid you to collect clean water that is falling from the sky. You wanna know why they outlawed that? Because it is FREE. You don’t have to pay for it.
Next you know they’ll outlaw solar panels on private homes, because the sunlight is supposed to heat the roof, it is vitaly important that the roof is heated because [insert bullshit logic here]. Real reason? Because you would get FREE electricity from it. You aren’t buying their electricity from their friends and “supporters” (you know the people buying, bribding, lobbying the people in charge here).
Just wait and you’ll see.

Until that time, take care.

T minus 14

Double Triforce?Again nicked from

“The pendant Merkaba-Water is more than just a beautifully crafted pendant. It is a symbol, consisting of two three sided pyramids it creates a threedimensional star (?). It stands for all opposits. The blue of the stones stands for the power of water as an inner source of power.”

The pendant Merkaba-Water is an uncomfortably looking piece of recycled wiring and broken blue window glass. It stands for the gullible idiots who believe that glass stones can actually hold any power, it symbolizes the lack of wit in the cretins who buy it, and the opposite of that – the huge load of wits in the creators who got away with creating this piece of eye-soring madness, while cashing in big time!
But hey, if you get attacked, simply rip off your necklace and beat the culprits with Merkaba, this way you can leave a nasty, festering scar on their faces, that will make it easy for law inforcement to identify them later on.

T minus 18

Where'S the bunny?Water energizing!

Take this chip, it is NOT a real computer chip or anything, place it in this carafe and your water will be more energized.

Where the hell is the energizer bunny when you need it to smash something? Water will be water, stays water, is water. WATER!
If you want energy, drink a sugar and caffeine infused energy drink.

Listen, I’m willing to believe a lot of crazy shit, but water, is water. If you want it energized, mix something into it.

But only an energizing chip? A small metal plate that has a weird “mythical” pattern on it can’t energize your water!! I’m willing to believe in a talisman energizing you. But water is water, it is PERFECT as it is. Fresh, clean, vitalizing – WATER! (with no additives mind you!)

Take this ship and the carafe and shove it up into your anal cavity!


So I have to talk about the problem I have with homeopathy.


There are solutions with potentials that are equivalent to an Aspirin that has been dissolved in the Atlantic Ocean:

And you cretins expect my headache to go away from a (few) drop(s) of Atlantic Sea Water?? Fuck you!

While I would like to believe that it could be the real deal – there are not active ingredients involved. Magic works like this, energy is being transferred for one purpose or another.

But that requires an active sending party and at least one active receiver.

But there ain’t either one: There’s an odd flower, take one petal, ONLY ONE, you grind that shit up, dissolve it in one quadtrillion liters of water with alcohol and with a lot of faith the ground petal dissolvent will help you!


It’s all about the memory capability of water!


Although no empiric evidence can be presented, some people claim that water has the capability of remembering stuff. Like that hollow Austrian Tyrolian nut Grander. He has some energized water filled in a container that will be adjacent to your watersupply so the water flowing by will LEARN from the information water. They sell it for shitloads of money!

Ey, who’s to say that my water isn’t a bad influence for the information water? That my water isn’T giving the information water some bad behavior?


Now here is where my problems start to pile up.


Magical thinking, okay.


Homeopathy, still okay, even though no molecule of the original herb is anywhere to be found.


Information transfer – stop. If this would be an accurate theory – and it is a theory, much like the god crap – then this would imply that ALL the water that there is on earth, remembers. Remembers back to when this water – whether it is vapor, liquid or frozen – was PISS!

Every time it rains it is – according to this theory of a memory effect in water – RAINING PISS!

And don’t give me crap about the water remembered something else instead, like how nice it is to be spring water.

Don’t get me started.

Most of the water on earth has been more often PISS than it has been fresh spring water, so it would remember that which it had been more often – piss. Or Sea water.

Or seawater piss.

So you see, the entire “Water has Memory” theory is utter and complete bullshit.