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What in all actuality??

Time for a small update for you people out there.

● As you already know, I’ve scrapped “Whose World”, because I believe it to be subpar. Don’t worry, I am rebooting it. Less insanity/abstrusity, more likable stuff, I hope. (This is under way, being written atm, when I am done reading the expanse that is)

● A.C. is still in the pre-planning phase. Another sci-fi story/series that it’s taking its sweet time.

● Shadows of – I don’t know if I can salvage this, or have to reboot it like WW. I stopped when it began to become ludicrous even in my eyes. Salvage would save some 10-20% of what is written already, the test would be thrown out…

● J&E – I am writing a contemporary, romantic, drama? Am I insane? Yes. Yes, I am. 😛 idk if this will ever find its way online HERE, but it has to be written. Soooo…. whatever.

●RoF – my sci-fi series is up and running, hope I won’t forget to do the usual updates until late into the first Wednesday of the month… 😉

Hope this little status update satisfies your curiosity, here’s a picture of my playmobil alter ego writing…


(For lack of a better title)

As you may or may not be aware, I am at odds with my inner demons.
But, I have come here with this picture to let you all know, that I am working on stories. I’m writing, okay?

Won’t win me any awards, but I am out here slaving away for you guys.

It saddens me to say, that I probably won’t be able to make a full-fledged Christmas Calendar this year. If that turns out to be the case, there’ll be five Christmas posts. One per week leading up to the big date, and one for X-Mas itself.

You’ll see when the time comes.

Until such time, I’ll be over here writing, you’ll be able to read my stuff, and hopefully I’ll be able to spam you with Friday stuff.

In case anyone wondered what happened to Whose World – I scrapped it. (Because it’s garbage) If and when I’ll bring it back (all new stuff), I’ll let you know.

Take care, A.

Writing update 19th Oct 2015

•I just uploaded a bunch of stuff for the next few updates concerning Whose World.

•I finished editorial for almost all episodes of Rings of Fate, only 6 to go, then new work starts….

•New Work!
Either my good old NaNoWriMo ideas will be revived (or much rather, finally tackled), or it will be a new project (SciFi again: “A.C.”), or another sort of new project (sort of a spin off in the SciFi realm of RoF: “Armageddon”).
I don’t know exactly. I also am toying with the idea of brushing up some old things (Naga, Mr. Zed).
We’ll see…

•NaNoWriMo to be blunt, I can’t tackle that. I’d love to, but I can’t.
I write (and edit) on my way to work, and then on the way back home. There’s just not enough time to write a “novel” in those time slots in just one month. So, yeah, I’m not going to participate in NaNoWriMo. Definitely not. But I wish you all the best, and the muses kisses for your NaNoWriMo endeavours.

As usual, take care,

Writing Updates!

Well Hello there, to this irregular post!

•Rings of Fate
I have finished three generations of travelers, and began “Season 4” (a.k.a. Generation 4) with 4 episodes. I am planning a few more, but the plans for that need to be finalised before I can start writing them. If they fail, Generation 4 will end with 4 episodes. (But the plans for Episode 35 are taking shape. Perhaps that’ll be the end of it. Perhaps not.)
Before I begin publishing the episodes here I need to go over them with a finetooth comb. It is bad enough I keep serving you my Whose World stories in the entirely raw format. No closing of plotholes, no correction of bad grammar and typos.

Originally I planned to write “Ssadows of Elaria” for NaNoWriMo, but since I was fresh out of fleshed out ideas for RoF at the 27th of October, I began writing “Shadows of Mnarah” at that date. Since I didn’t want to ditch that stuff at the 1st, and either start over or start something new in the middle of an exodus, I have decided to not participate in NaNoWriMo.
Last year I missed it, this years I decided against it. Bummer. (And also “Stupid me! Always getting in my way!”)

•Shadows of Mnarah
We are following SciFi (Rings of Fate) with some Fantasy. Yay.
Or rather, I’m jumping the centuries.
I am quite displeased with the beginning. Storywise it’s fine, but style wise it is a bit … bumpy.

•Whose World
I’m continuing posting WW story parts. As raw as they are. Again, I’m sorry for that.

Organic nonsense

I recently stumbled upon some skin oil that listed “organic daisies” as one of the ingredients.
I don’t know about you, but, organic daisies?

The whole organic crap is getting out of hand. Everything is organic all of a sudden, and it juuuust costs a little extra. Mostly a whole euro.

Tell you what, most of that organic business is utter crap. They’re taking your money while shitting you.


Who in their right mind is falling for this? Alright, I don’t want my kid, wife or myself feeding on overly pimped foods. Ease down on the fertilisers, hold the insecticides and pesticides and weedwhackers. Give me happy bees and eco friendly irrigation.

But! Flowers like Daisies, that grow happily and healthy on every patch of dirt worldwide – DON’T. NEED. ANY. OF. THAT! They are like pests. They grow fraking everywhere!
So stop bullshitting us with organic daisies!

PS: Succubi is over, next week the new series starts, Whose World has just begun. I’m working on a better index (okay, “an index”), please be patient. 🙂

It is done!

I have finished Whose World!

I closed most of the open threads, but kept a few open, as I intend to return to that world once I need to flee the close confines of space vessels.
(Or once I am DONE with Rings of Fate…some time in the distant future that is…)

After one year (a bit more) of writing the various pieces of WW, I’m glad to have finished the main story thread. (You’ll see)

Now for the next number I need an apocalyptic event and a crap load of empty space….I hope I can perform it in just as much time.
Going over the math however (Whose World has so far 5 parts with 4 subparts each, a grand total of 20 stories so far. Rings of Fate is supposed to have 3 stories per generation, 3 generations, on 3 ships totaling in 27; unless I add a 4th generation, in which case it will be 3 * 4 * 3 = 36;) I doubt it….once I have ONE generation full, I might start publishing it already. Sooooo … wish me luck if you’re into SciFi, and stay tuned for more fantasy, every Monday and Thursday.


I wanted

to write Rings of Fate by now. Still I’m struggling with the end chapter(s) to Whose World. O.o

While I’m writing a post titled “I wanted”, let me just say, that I wanted to thank all of you my dear readers. Thank you for every single one of your “Likes”. But even if you never liked anything per click, thank you for reading my stuff.

Although I get happy as a child on Christmas everytime one of you likes a post of mine (no matter if it is here or on one of the plattforms I publicize to), it gives me great satisfaction to see your visits. To see that someone is actually reading my posts. Stories, and (comedic)blurps alike. So…

Thank you!

Anyway, my attention is diverted between Family life (wich is wonderfull, but stressing, ask my poor wife), work and writing, and also observing the world with a critical eye and posting that stuff here. 😉

Have a nice time my dear readers.