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Long live the king!

This is the tale of how evil was vanquished by darkness…

There once was a King who ruled with a fist of ice.

The ice king.

Until one day the black knight triumphed over the foul sorcerer, and slay him.

The king is dead, long live the king. There can be only one true king!

And so, the black knight saved the land.

Take care…

It ain’t even August yet!


But yet, this is in stores RIGHT NOW!

So, five months in advance: Merry Christmas!

Here’s the two Advent calendars so far, enjoy!


Screw fall


Apparently the chestnuts in our alley decided to skip fall and winter, and go to spring directly.

At least partially…

Tuesday 15. Oct .2013

In silence, peeking between two shallow clouds like pale veils in the sky, the marbled white marble spies through the intricately woven canvas of darkened, green and yellow leaf work. Down upon a world turning away beneath it, towards an uncertain future.

Crisp eve’s air tells of winters fast approach with bouquets fallen apart, releasing faint remains of individual scents into the crystal clear night.

Soon, all too soon, coated in fine, thin white, the blades, petals, leaves and fruit and seeds will be as crisp as the air itself. Dying, dead and forgotten, but also nursing and nourishing the spring…


…has got me in it’s clutches, wringing the sweet life out of me, choking me with powerfull hands around my throat and numbing smells in my nose…yes, my allergies have gotten the best of me.

As every year.

On the other hand, two weeks ago I was running around in boots, T-Shirt, shirt and leather jacket, now I sweat if I step outside. I like climate change (say global warming just one time and I’ll suffocate you in snow! Not after this terribly long winter!) sometimes. Everyday the chestnut trees in our street have become greener and greener over the last week. At first only green hints appeared, to be quickly extended to green leaves the next day. IF we still leave near there next year I will take pictures.

The smell of spring / summer is in the air. Although it strangles me, I love it, after smelling only the icy cold and the rotting autumn leaves.

Still, my allergies have the disturbing sideeffect that reality becomes a strange thing. I feel spaced out as if on heavy drugs – or at least some good weed. Time constantly changes its pace, what was yesterday seems like five weeks ago, what has been three days earlier seems like a few minutes ago.
At least gravity keeps the same.
Unlike that one time…I digress.

If my style of posting blurbs/comedy changes in the next few days/weeks (and very recently) – its only temporary, and it should return back to normal once main allergy season has blown over. 🙂

Until such time, keep up with my changed style, it still is me talking, although through a haze of pollen…


For Levanja

Riven is the veil,
In twilight haze.
Lost the trail;
An infinite maze.
Broken the root,
In divine soil.
The chant turned mute;
Ended, the mortal coil.
Crimson rain,
On sunny morning.
Short eternal pain;
Etherous my mourning.
Garden of gloam,
Burned to cold ash.
Ravaged home;
Decayed the flesh.
The fountain dried,
Marble crumbling.
The garden died;
Tremor and rumbling.
Winterblossom torn,
Petals withered and pale.
Eternally sworn;
But riven is the veil.

Levanja, otherwise known as “Winterblossom”.

When the Seasons change from Winter into Spring, it is said that the spirits of the seasons meet.
Sometimes the spirits of winter and spring fall in love with one another.

But since Winter will end, and Spring will begin, their love has no future.

Weeping for their love, the spirits lament the ill fate of their love.
Where ever their tears land in the snow the Winterblossom sprouts:
Petals of ice, only a hint differently coloured.

Symbol of love.