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I have no material for today.

Sucks. I know. Imagine how I feel.

Anyway, granny forgot some groceries, and needs to go for a spin…

Meanwhile, I’m working on a few half cooked ideas for next week.

Take care, A.


Monday I got back on track with my Vaccine schedule.
And a little extra.

Needless to say, I felt a little like a pincushion.

Still, I persevered, and pushed through:
30 Pushups, 30 repeats of lifting weights…(30 situps too, but that is irrelevant for the arm I got 4 needles into)…60 repeats actually if you consider the different exercises to exercise different muscles…

Anyway. Still not autistic. Nor gay. Nor cancerous Aids.
No vaccine damage.
Antivaxxers, you lied to me, I had planned to retire as a nearly dead vegetable! But, alas, I still gotta go to work, and I’m still just socially awkward, not gone over the edge.

Friggin liars…

Take care,

Cabin of Death under repair.

“Dear tenants, please notw that from the 2nd of May until the 12th of May 2016 this elevator willbe offline, due to maintenance and repair. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

I am not burning down the house.

I live on the 6th floor, or the 7th if you can’t count right (a.k.a. American), which means on a normal weekday I go down once in the morning, and ideally, up once in the afternoon. If there’s an “emergency” more often in both directions.

This time span includes a weekend, a holiday and a banking holiday. I hope that am all ten days from rhe earliest hour possible, until the latest possible, there will be men (amd women?) laboring hard to improve our technological standard and safety.
Because of not, I will become irked.
And then I will burn shit.
So I leave the house at 6am, there better be a bunch of schmucks greeting me with a smile and greasy faces ready to weld something, including the banking day, and holiday.
Or you turn the darn thing back on during the four day weekend you and your lazy jerkoffs are going to take, now are you?

I know, they will not be turning it on, and I know, they will not be working from 6am till 10pm, but at least I was able to let off some steam…

Take care, and steer clear of elevators…

Heads up!

Just a simple reminder that in the not too distant future (okay, already in fact) I will not be here much. My time is spent tending to my dear wife’s every need, working (at the office and at home) and writing as well as reading (the later two both while en route). What time I can find to procrastinate – I use to procrastinate and laze around, my mental hygiene demands it.

So posts of any nature other than my stories, will be scarce in the near future (and already, I know).

I am working on a few bits and pieces but I lack the nerve and time to finalize them. 😉

Hope you can bear with a father to be, and in the meantime, enjoy the stories.