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Romeo and Juliet

I noticed that, in various degrees, there is a new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with each generation.

Generation menaing every five to ten years, when a new batch of kids reach that magical age of being a lovestruck teenager that can be milked for cash by Hollywood.

The latest being “Warm Bodies”.

I wonder, how long until we try to tap the Science Fiction segment with this tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers. Here’s my pitch:

Julia (16) works summer job in her fathers lab, he is trying to create Antimatter, through a rift in the Space-Time-Continuum a boy (Romeao, 16) from an Antimatteruniverse is pulled through into the magnetically sealed chamber. The two fall in love, but can never touch – that would create an explosion tearing a hole in the ground that could house half a continent.

Long story short, they DO touch (kiss) and for a fleeting fraction of a millisecond they feel completed and hole. Then the inevitable happens and their bodies annihilate each other (and everything else in large radius around them).

End result: Both dead.

There, mission fulfilled. SciFi Romeo and Juliet.
If you want, you can rverse their roles, but I thought giving Juliet the empowered Science Background would satisfy a lot more.

Hollywood: This idea is mine, if you want it, it’s purchasable.
Contact me. 😉


Young Adult crap…

…I kow I’m going to make anything but friends with this, but I need to get this out of my system…publicly.

Enough with this “Young Adult” garbage!

Enough with the mostly terrible books, and the almost entirely unstandable film adaptations. Yes, I’m looking at you Twilight crowd, and you Hunger-Games people.

First off, there is NO such thing as a young adult. There are teenagers (Kids basically) and then there are twens (adults). The former are anything BUT adults, and the other are not “young” per se. These movies are made for the tiny margin of people between 18 and 21. Kids who achieved adulthood by not dying, and who aren’t old enough to drink hard liqor in some backwater countries around the globe.

In short, a group of people in desperate need of rolemodels.

I’m all in favor of empowering women, and giving teenagers in general a healthy attitude, but these books and films are (mostly) crap! When I was a kid and a teen and a “young adult”, I was watching MacGyver, Star Trek and James Bond. Those were my rolemodels. Not a teen my age who had more experience than Bond, more brains than MacGyver and Spock combined and more chicks / guys lusting after them than Captain Kirk!

Not only are these characters two dimensional superhero cutouts, empowered with the might and knowledge of an adult writer, in most cases the premise of the scenarios themselves are crap too! Yes. Here comes the Hunger Games Crowd: A society that has the technology and resources to create these idiotic games and setups and surveilance and traps, has the technology/power to FEED FRAKING EVERYONE and have enough for exports! The whole premise is not dystopian but idiotic.

Kids, get GROWN rolemodels. I admit there is a certain lack of adequate female rolemodels out there (at least im comparison with MacGyver, Kirk and Bond), but still, girls, look to WOMEN for guidance, not girls.

You don’t want to be a sixteen year old (that sounds like a fourty something wrote his dialogue) – sixteen is a stupid age. With sixteen you’re full of shit and you have no idea that you are. (If you are in that age range and you disagree, wait ten years and then come talking to me.) As an adult you are full of shit, and you are painfully aware of it. Which makes you a complete person.

If boys wanted to be boys, and girls wanted to be girls, when would they transform into adults? Right, never. At least if they had any say in it. Boys become men, girls become women.
Adjust your rolemodels and ditch the idiotic “Young Adult” concepts.

It is, amongst other things, these crappy “Young Adult” nonsense flicks that distort young people’s view on the world. They feel that they are entitled to stuff. Which they aren’t.

Bring back coming of age flicks, in which a full-of-shit-and-unaware-of-it character slowly realises the ugly truth about him/herself and of the world. Bring (back) adult rolemodels for boys and girls, by showing them men and women who are all they want (and need) to be.

In that respect, take care, especially you young reader, especially you.