Every day, in the morning hours my town’s local radio station is devoting some 5 to 10 minutes an hour to reading vague “Horoscopes”. Then you’ll hear some dog shit like “Leo: today you excell at interpersonal realations, but beware money decisions.”

Who in the fraking world is this for?

What kind of empty existence, deprived of reasons for continuing life, sits in front of their radio (or car, or office) and listens to some (stolen phrase ahead) assoholic bitch tell them something that may apply to them?
Even if Horoscopes were real (which they’re not), a generalisation of an entire zodiac sign is like saying “White people, today you will be racist, but your white spouse will be in the mood.”. If that wasn’t hurtful enough try this analogy: “Blacks, stay away from cops, but watermelon is abundant today!”
What the fuck? It’s thinly veiled ‘racism’ based on zodiac signs. Zodiacism.

But we live in the 21st century. Zodiacs are bullshit. Horoscopes are bullshit. We have sent people men (let’s face the truth here, mkay?) to the moon, have established a permanent space station in orbit, discovered the building blocks of MATTER, and still people read/listen to/make Horoscopes???
I don’t get it.

Devote 5 to 10 minutes an hour to SCIENCE news. Not fairytale bullshit that is en parr with religiotic tales.

Stop bullshitting yourselves and others. Grow up and take responsibility for your lives, you can’t just lay back and say ‘horoscope said it’d be a failure day’, or wait for fortune to drop in your lap while doing nothing to get it.

Take care,