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Romeo and Juliet

I noticed that, in various degrees, there is a new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with each generation.

Generation menaing every five to ten years, when a new batch of kids reach that magical age of being a lovestruck teenager that can be milked for cash by Hollywood.

The latest being “Warm Bodies”.

I wonder, how long until we try to tap the Science Fiction segment with this tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers. Here’s my pitch:

Julia (16) works summer job in her fathers lab, he is trying to create Antimatter, through a rift in the Space-Time-Continuum a boy (Romeao, 16) from an Antimatteruniverse is pulled through into the magnetically sealed chamber. The two fall in love, but can never touch – that would create an explosion tearing a hole in the ground that could house half a continent.

Long story short, they DO touch (kiss) and for a fleeting fraction of a millisecond they feel completed and hole. Then the inevitable happens and their bodies annihilate each other (and everything else in large radius around them).

End result: Both dead.

There, mission fulfilled. SciFi Romeo and Juliet.
If you want, you can rverse their roles, but I thought giving Juliet the empowered Science Background would satisfy a lot more.

Hollywood: This idea is mine, if you want it, it’s purchasable.
Contact me. 😉


A hard year…

It has been a hard year since disaster struck.

I can hear the undead outside my door. No matter how many of them we kill, more keep coming! I suspect it has to do with the alien-mass-abductions that occured right after the earth itself rose up against us and destroyed our major cities with floods, quakes, lava, storms and fires…

History must never forget the apocalypse of 21st Dec. 2012!

They’re breaking through!! Gotta kill the zombies…

Mr.Zed Titlecard

Mr.Zed Titlecard

Mr.Zed Titlecard

Here it is, I bring to you, the Mr. Zed Titlecard, drawn by yours truly.

Perhaps I should leave the pencil (and black ink pen) alone except for writing.

Anyway, I have updated the Index for Mr. Zed as well, hope you folks like it. 😉


Mr. Zed (Ep 11 – finale)

Two summers followed a relatively short and mild winter. Intermissioned by a longer and harsh winter. The undead pleague had decimated the world population by two thirds, but the winters had decimated the undead numbers, along with blunt force and well targwted shots. Only in remote parts of the world were still undead to be found.

Zed sat on a hill above a former city. Surely some undead were still roaming around somewhere in it, but he did not care. The life he had led in the last two years had made up for all the missed opportunities, the atrocities he had witnessed his body committing.

He had saved living people from other undead.

Lately though he noticed that his seeing eye was loose. It wouldn’t stay in its socket.

So he sat on that hill, lying down as the sun was setting.

One by one the stars came out. The city beneath his hill had not got its power back. Probably wouldn’t get it ever back, since people wouldn’t want to live in an area that got terribly cold in the winter, and that was terribly radiated from the nuclear power plant nearby.

Concentrating on the stars above he smiled. Whenever Zed did that, it had looked as if death himself was grinning.
But not that night.

That night when a dead man, drenched in gasoline, lit himself on fire, while staring into the stars.
That night there was an enlightened, peaceful smile on his lips.

Mr. Zed (Ep 10)

The Letter

My name is, well I actually don’t remember my name. Nor much of my life before…
The people here in this house call me Mister Zed.

I held a deskjob. Every sunday I was at church, with a woman and a child. Perhaps my family? I firmly believed that I was going to go to heaven after my death.

But instead I did horrible things with horrible people around me. Maybe they see it the same way? It ate flesh from the living. The fear, terror and pain contorted faces of men women and children rush through my memory like flashes in a thunderstorm. Most vividly I remember an old man, he was in an alley. Other undead rushed towards a shooting while I walked to him.

Later something from my memories as a living, breathing person urged me to follow my own path.

I had not eaten in a long time and that bird looked tasty and tempting. But it would’ve been to fast for me to catch, so I left it alone. That was a few days before this amazing thunderstorm! As an undead you don’t fear thunder, nor lightning. You watch nature unfold in all its beauty and terror around you.

The furnace.
I thought about ending my wretched existence, the furnace was functioning and I could’ve done it. But the fascinating beauty of the flames made me stop.

I want to see more, I wish I could still smell or taste.
Or feel.
Even when I stiched my jaw back together I barely felt something.

But my one good eye still sees. And it will see!

Mr. Zed (Ep 9)

Disturbed Hank and the others withdrew from the morgue, disillusioned they sat down in the room that was the farthest away from it. An undead that had regained some level of selfawareness and intelligence!

“He has the advantage of self control, he won’t feed on innocent people who are just trying to survive!” an elderly man spoke up, he missed the bookshop he once had, the people he was forced to live with these days seemed like the kind of folks that avoided a bookshop at all costs. Not the kind of people he liked to spend time with, but circumstances did not allow him to be picky.

Hank assumed that Zed also could use his intelligence as an advantage over regular undead people and especially feed on the living who had thought of themselves safe. “If he’s self aware, I think he is going to be self preserving! He had fired up the furnace and glared into it only to turn it off.”

Again Hank just snorted dismissing the idea. The undead just had to stay in the morgue, they could not let it escape.

Sentient or not, Mr. Zed was, so to speak, the enemy.

“I’ll look after him, keep packing.” Hank turned to leave, all the suffering they had to endure at the hands of the undead now had a face and a name to vent to. He wanted to see the undead suffer when he realized they were not to let him out. Locked up in the morgue until the last piece of rotten flesh falls off of him.

Great was hanks surprise and terror when he found the doors of the morgue torn open, the undead gone. In the distance of the funeral home, through the wide open front door the almost maniacally laughing croak of a crow reached him as to taunt him.

Mr. Zed (Ep 8)

Fiercely, and unable to believe his eyes, the machete man stared into the milky eyes of Mister Zed. “Hello Hank.” he finally uttered the machete mans name, stunning the living people on the other side of the door further more.
His words were clumsy formed, although he had infused every part of his body with the balming chemicals he found in the morgue, he already had decayed too much as to restore himself to the state he was in before he died.
Although he couldn’t remember much from the time before, he knew that now he was thinking a lot slower than before, his motor skills had deminished. Still the crudely fixed jaw with the less ashen complexion made him look less menacing, although tormented.
“You don’t need to trust me, just let me out when you go.” Zed mumbled, his jaw was getting loser again.